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O’Sullivan Consulting Groups approach to credentialing and enrollment streamlines the process, eliminates redundancy and delivers timely results, and our expertise ensures that important details are not overlooked. Outsourcing your medical credentialing limits an interruption of revenue and provides greater control in managing insurance contracts.

With constant changes in the state to state requirements, this already lengthy process, takes significant focus away from patient care and puts unnecessary stress on the staff.  OSCG credentialing services are designed to streamline the process of credentialing and enrollment, eliminating redundancy, delivering timely results, and our expertise ensures that important details are not overlooked. 

We provide credentialing services throughout the United States, for all insurance companies and for all sizes of practices and medical facilities.


O’Sullivan Consulting Group handles all aspects of credentialing and contracting, as well as, re-credentialing including but not limited to:  

  • New practice setup

  • Adding providers to an already established practice

  • Adding locations to an existing group

  • Working with the providers’ CAQH submission and attestation

  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and revalidation

  • DME enrolment and revalidation

  • Maintenance of providers documents

Practice Changes...They Happen!
Are you...

  • Leaving an existing practice to start your own practice?

  • Adding a physician or physician extender?

  • Moving or closing your office?

  • Finishing your training and looking to start a practice or join an existing practice?

Losing Money...It Can Happen!

  • Tired of writing off unpaid claims because of credentialing issues?

  • Are you aware of how many claims are being written off?

  • Seeing patients, providing care and then receiving payments at the non-par status because the physician and/or location is not credentialed correctly?

  • Receiving payments that are below your costs because the insurer rates are too low


Let Our Credentialing Team Take Over!

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